Feel Balanced

A 46 year old lady came to see me complaining of low energy, gaining fat and losing muscle, low sex drive, some sleep disturbance, and her periods were becoming a little irregular. This is a common story.
Typically anytime from 35 years old up to about 52 years old, women start peri-menopause. This can last for several years and it is the time in a woman’s life right before they hit menopause (a woman is in menopause officially once she stops having a period for a year).

The peri-menopausal time in a woman’s life is when a woman starts to feel an overall decline in her general well being. She may have a combination of some of the following: hot flashes, night sweats, heavier periods, irregular periods, lighter periods, sleep disturbances, an increase in aches and pains, a lowered libido, mood disturbances (depression, anxiety, irritability), vaginal dryness, weight gain, etc. Some women only suffer from a few of these things while others suffer from a majority.

The good news is that you can feel balanced again. In the case of the 46 year old lady I was able to get her on a natural thyroid medication, bio-identical progesterone capsules, and a Testosterone pellet. After 3-4 weeks she felt like her old self again and is now able to enjoy her life.

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