Fatigue, feeling tired, is a common complaint these days. Sadly, many people simply accept fatigue as part of life. You should not feel tired–you should have the energy to enjoy your days.

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There are many causes of fatigue. You should first be evaluated for serious causes of fatigue. If you are told that everything is fine, do not accept that fate. A hormonal imbalance can be the cause of a loss of energy and this is missed by medical providers who are not specially trained in hormone balancing. Often, your hormone levels are interpreted as normal, when they are not optimal.

A sluggish (underactive) thyroid is often overlooked. Optimal thyroid levels are critical for a good energy level. If you have trouble waking up and/or have mid afternoon fatigue this is often a sluggish thyroid. If you are always tired, you may have adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is a disorder of cortisol production. This is seen in people undergoing chronic stress. A deficiency in testosterone can affect your sleep as well as overall energy, mood, and motivation. This is seen in both men and women. With a testosterone deficiency you feel as if you have passed your peak even though you chronologically should not feel that way. There are also other hormone imbalances that can cause fatigue.

Fatigue has a cause. If you are feeling tired and have been told that “nothing is wrong” , it is definitely time to get your hormones checked by a medical provider properly trained in identifying hormonal imbalances and working with bio-identical hormones.

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