Fast Past Health

Today’s world is fast paced and paying attention to your health while taking care of life’s other necessary tasks is getting more difficult. Both men and women are finding it more and more challenging to maintain optimum health. Maintaining optimal health is the best line of defense in staying ahead today.
Optimal health involves getting the right nutritional advice, getting your hormones balanced, getting on a fitness program, and dealing with emotional issues; among other things.

You can not easily achieve optimal health working with a typical doctor’s office: you get an appointment of 15 minutes or less, it can take a month to even get that appointment, and you might see a physician’s assistant instead of your physician. I know this because I tried my hardest to provide my patients with the guidance needed to achieve optimal health in that environment and it could not be done–despite working 12 hour days.

A concierge medical practice is the answer. It allows your physician to provide longer appointment times, same day appointments with your doctor when needed, non urgent appointments within a week of calling for the appointment, and personal direct access to your physician; among many other benefits. Concierge medicine is about you and your doctor having a relationship which allows you to work together so that you may achieve the health that you desire.

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