So You Hate To Exercise…

Exercise is a known blood pressure reducer, waist reducer, blood sugar reducer, sleep enhancer, muscle builder, hormone balancer, etc. You know that you need to exercise, but you just can not seem to make yourself do it. First, reward yourself mentally for even reading this and stop beating yourself up for what you are not doing. Be proud of whatever progress you make, no matter how small it is still progress!

Now, write down things that you like to do. Gardening, hiking, playing a sport, etc. Look at your list and pick out things that are feasible in your schedule. Now, put in your calendar one of these things twice a week to start doing for a half hour. As time goes on, add a day per week. Your long term goal is an hour 5 times per week but you are not even going to try to start there! Start slow and build up.

If that is too much to start with then start with 5 minutes per day of something: situps, pushups, jumping jacks, etc. Tell yourself “I will do 5 minutes of exercise every day”. Start with that and move it up when you can. Have fun with it and reward yourself for doing the 5 minutes, whatever you do stop beating yourself up for what you are not doing and be proud of what you are doing. Small steps every day will lead to you looking and feeling better!

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