Dr. Shannon Zingel

Photo of Doctor Shannon Zingel

Shannon began her career in Canada as a Clinical Massage Therapist working along side Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and other allied health professionals. During an intense 500 hour practicum in her second year, it became apparent that massage alone, although extremely helpful was not the entirety of what her patients needed. Shannon’s passion for helping people and thirst for knowledge lead her back to school and into Manual Osteopathy

Manual Osteopathy recognizes the vital link between all systems of the body and aims to restore balance so natural healing can occur. Manual therapists focus on how the joints, muscles, nerves, connective tissues and organs function as a holistic unit, and use manual, hands on techniques to gently realign these tissues and stimulate healing. Manual Osteopathy is a gentle and holistic approach to wellness.

Holistic Approach To Medicine

Shannon has mastered the powerful holistic approach to restore your body’s natural mobility and alignment and provides an excellent source of preventative or acute care for your entire body. Each treatment aims to source the root cause of pain, disease or dysfunction and supports the body’s natural ability to self heal and resolve health issues. Shannon’s mission, is to cure pain naturally while educating patients on the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Recently, Shannon and her family relocated to California from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is excited to be practicing here and is looking forward to meeting you!

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