Doing More For Your Health

Have you ever felt like you could do more for your health? That there was something that you needed to work on or optimize? I have found that many people have this thought and yet don’t do anything about it because they don’t know where to go or what to do, or they have sought medical help with a lack of results.

In my concierge practice I have found that there are three main reasons why men and women come to my office: they want to optimize their health, they want to work on a specific health issue or they simply want a relationship with their doctor. A relationship where they feel listened to and cared for.
This may bring to mind the feeling of having that friend in your life that brings you joy. You know the kind of person that is there for you no matter how much time has passed since you spoke. The person who supports you and guides you when you need it, with love and without judgment. That person talks to you in a way that you understand and shows you how to achieve what you desire.

A positive relationship gives you confidence and a safe place to communicate any challenges that you are having. Your brain and body get anti aging benefits from having positive relationships.
After all, life is about feeling good and being able to enjoy the things that like to do. Playing with your kids or grandkids, vacationing, doing hobbies, or whatever you love doing. Can you picture yourself doing something that you love doing? Aging well means living well by having those positive relationships in your life that allow you to do this.

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