Does Your Insurance Cover Hormones?

We receive often receive the question; “Does my insurance cover bio-identical hormone consultations and treatments?” The short answer is no. Historically, insurance does not pay for the time involved in customizing a personalized treatment plan and they do not cover bio-identical pellets and creams.

Insurance covers treatment for a specific ailment after the fact, but not preventive treatment or a customized medication and treatment plan. Quality, compassion, a personal tailored hormone balancing plan are all out of pocket expenses. The upside is you have the option of not waiting until you have a debilitating disease, but rather you can start optimizing your health with a healthy diet and hormone balancing to live as “an optimal you”.

Health insurance is there for major medical expenses, like you car insurance is there for major accidents, not tune ups. Your health and wellness is in your hands and should be the most valuable thing you have. Investing in bio identical hormones done correctly is worth it. Nothing compares to feeling energetic, sleeping well, and having optimal health!

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