Do I need a bio-identical specialist?

Bio identical hormones are becoming a household name. This is an exciting sign of progress in medical care. The downside is that there are medical providers who say that they provide bio-identical hormones yet are not specially trained in providing this therapy.

Imagine you had a pipe burst in your house, would you call just anyone to fix it or would you call someone specially trained to fix it? People often treat their houses and cars better than they treat themselves–spending money on the best care for the house and car.

The interesting question is what can be replaced easier: you or the house or car?? Which of these best deserve your time and money: you, your house, or your car??

Going to a physician specially trained in bio identical hormones may be more expensive up front but you will get results. Just like calling the right person to fix that pipe : you may spend more upfront but the problem is fixed quickly; by calling the wrong person you spend less upfront but often spend more over the long run in order to get the problem fixed 100% if it ever does get fixed. Your health and wellbeing is the most important asset you have and properly balancing your hormones is a critical part.

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