Health Insurance Is Really Disease Insurance

My office often gets calls asking about health insurance coverage. I realized that most people don’t really understand how health insurances work. They just know that they pay a lot in monthly premiums and are led to believe it should cover what they need.

Picture of 100 dollar bill with surgical mask on front

Sadly, health insurances reimburse doctors based on the diseases that you are diagnosed for. This means that spending time with you to help you to feel optimal and prevent disease is not a service that health insurances reimburse. They may cover some basic wellness services but they do not understand or appreciate optimal health. I prefer to work outside of insurance and help people to feel their best, rather than working within insurance to keep people in a disease state.

Part of achieving optimal health is addressing your nutrition, evaluating your toxin exposure, and getting your hormones balanced utilizing bio-identical hormones (Testosterone, Progesterone, Estrogen, Thyroid, etc). This takes time and customization–something that health insurances do not understand or reimburse for. You are a unique individual and you have unique needs. If you wish to feel optimal it is important to be willing to think outside the box and realize that you must take control of your health.

Health insurance is great if you break a bone, have appendicitis, or have a serious illness. If you want to prevent disease and feel the best that you can, forget about what health insurance should cover and invest in you. You are worth it!

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