There is a hormone that people often get over the counter called DHEA. DHEA stands for Dehydroepiandrosterone. DHEA can be turned into Estrogens, Testosterone, and Progesterone by the body so on the surface it looks like a good thing to do. It can be tempting to simply try to fix your hormone imbalance on your own and buy some DHEA. This is not recommended.

The problem with DHEA is that there is no way to control what your body does with DHEA. In one person it may actually improve your hormonal imbalance while in another it could worsen it. In addition, there are some metabolites of Estrogen that could be dangerous if you increase them. You may not even realize that you caused this to happen. Most hormone specialists do not like to use DHEA due to some safety concerns.

Achieving hormonal balance takes time, knowledge, and patience. If you do take DHEA, or any other hormones, it is best done under the proper supervision of a physician specially trained in the administration of bio-identical hormones.

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