Concierge Medicine: helping patients and employers

If you are a business owner or manager then you will want to look further into concierge medicine. If you are an employee you will want to ask your employer to look into concierge medicine. It is a win win situation. Healthy employees are more productive at work and miss less time from work AND live a happier more fulfilling life outside of work. Traditional insurance based health care is focused on illness, whereas concierge medicine is focused on health. Being healthy means being happy at work and at home.

As components of the Affordable Care Act are implemented businesses have new mandates regarding the provision of healthcare benefits. Innovative and engaged employers are turning to MDVIP (a well known and respected concierge medicine program) to offer their employees an affordable program for healthcare that has proven results.

Because of the high quality of care the MDVIP concierge doctors deliver, the MDVIP model has been proven to offer superior results. This has been proven through clinical data and several studies now published in reputable, peer-reviewed journals that shine the spotlight on MDVIP’s positive health outcomes and resulting cost savings–to both employers and employees. In addition to the American Journal of Managed Care and theInternational Journal of Person Centered Medicine, MDVIP’s most recent recognition in Future Cardiology shows that the MDVIP Wellness Program is identifying more patients at risk of cardiovascular disease through the multi-marker lab panel provided by Cleveland HeartLab.

MDVIP has the national footprint and published outcomes data to provide companies a cost-effective benefit option that supports their business goals of healthier, more productive employees and a healthier bottom line. Employees love the fact that they get personalized health care focused on their health and well being, employers love the fact that their employees are more productive. It truly is a win win situation.

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