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Concierge medicine: the answer to the health care crisis

It’s never been truer in healthcare that the only constant is change. Amid ongoing challenges and ever-increasing complexities disrupting the healthcare marketplace, concierge medicine is a cure for what ails our broken system. A perfect storm in medicine rages around us creating a great deal of confusion and anxiety. Concierge medicine offer you a secure refuge.

Physicians are searching for solutions; patients are seeking clarity; and hospitals, insurers and employers are looking for a path forward. Concierge medicine has become the answer – a safe shelter – a way for patients and their physician to work together as a team in today’s society.

A concierge physician only has a few hundred patients to care for, instead of a few thousand. Your annual fee allows him/her to significantly decrease the practice size and offer you more time and convenience. Health insurances pays for disease treatment, not for quality time spent with you to prevent or reverse diseases. The bottom line is this: Health insurance is really disease insurance. If you wish to stay vital and healthy, then you must venture outside of your health insurance coverage.

Your concierge physician can focus on prevention, wellness, education, service and technology. You get direct access to your physician 24/7 and since he/she knows each patient well, you are able to obtain advice by phone instead of having to make an appointment for every little complaint. Your visits (phone or in person) can encompass bio-identical hormones, nutrition advice, and other integrative medicine treatments. This type of care is simply not possible within the realms of traditional health insurance.

Does your health matter enough for you to invest in a true healthy partnership? If the answer is yes, then you must research concierge medicine.

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