Concierge Medical CARE

It is so sad that I hear the same story from my new patients that were previously stuck in the traditional medical system. The patients were unable to get an appointment with their prior doctor in a timely manner, they were limited to one medical complaint per visit, they would wait an hour or more in the waiting room, the list goes on. The doctors are overloaded in a medical system that pays doctors what the insurance companies feel is fair and that fee is based on their patients issues not on the time spent or the care given.

The powers to be are attempting to fix the medical system but they are failing to get to the root of the problem. The best way to ensure that a patient reaches optimal health is to ensure that each patient has access to their physician and the physician is able to spend time with each patient. This can not be done in a system that relies on insurances to cover everything and dictate overall value of services provided.

Concierge medicine is the answer. The patient takes responsibility for their health by paying an annual fee and the doctor is able to limit her practice so that she can be available and really get to know each patient. The insurance companies take a back seat in this type of medical care which is how it should be.

Like the majority of doctors, I went to medical school in order to truly help patients. Since switching to a concierge practice I can finally do that. A concierge practice is for any patient who desires to get or stay healthy.

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