Chemicals and Hormones

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Did you know that your make-up, shaving cream, face cream, lotions, etc can actually contribute to disrupting your hormones?? Many people do not realize that what you put on your skin absorbs in about 28 seconds!!! You need to read the labels on your personal care products carefully, and avoid putting anything on your skin that you would not eat. If you put on harmful ingredients, your body now has to deal with them and we really do not understand the full effect of multiple chemicals going into your body.

What should you avoid?? Animal by-products are basically from remnants of animals and this ingredient is created by rendering plants (google rendering plants if you want the gross details) and then sold to cosmetic companies and placed in many personal care products. Animal by-products are named in a way that hides what they truly are, so my advice is to buy from a company that adheres to a no animal by-product policy or puts that on the label. Why would you ever put the by-product of dead animals on your skin?? It is simply not necessary and potentially harmful.

Mineral oil (a derivative of petroleum i.e. crude oil) is often used in personal care products. Mineral oil can disrupt the normal function of your skin and is also felt to possibly disrupt your hormones. Another common ingredient to avoid are parabens. These are a type of preservatives and are felt to be hormonally disruptive. Why put them on at all if there is a question of safety??
The list goes on and on….. The bottom line is that you need to realize that what you put onto your body can affect your health and your hormone balance. Pay attention!

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