Change Your Health For The Better

Many people come to me wanting to make a change in their health. The first thing that we must all do in order to change is to realize that where we are today is a direct result of decisions as far back as fifty years ago, and as recently as yesterday. We are personally responsible for the way our life turned out, and we are equally responsible for steering it in the future.

Taking responsibility gives us the power to change things. No matter what is done to us or around us, we are ultimately responsible for our actions. Take a moment and really embrace the power that you have when you take full personal responsibility for where you are. It can be hard to swallow this concept at first but it really makes a lot of sense. You can always control you–this is an empowering concept!

Every decision you make is important. If you eat a bag of chips today instead of eating vegetables, you may have a heart attack later in life and not have the energy to play with your grand kids. If you choose to watch TV or sleep late instead of exercising, you may develop diabetes later and deteriorate slowly the last decade of your life. If you choose to let your hormones stay out of balance, you may develop dementia or osteoporosis later in life.

There is no right or wrong to what you choose, simply results. You get to decide what results you wish to have. If you truly wish to be healthy, this realization empowers you to make small positive choices on a regular basis that will result in you feeling and looking healthier.

This is not about being perfect! This is about making choices and having the realization that the daily small choices we make are what really matter and we control each and every one of these choices!! When you make 80% – 90% of your daily choices based on the fact that you choose to be healthy, then you will be on the path to health. Even if 10-20% of the time you may have made a choice that was not in the interest of health, the 80-90% of the time where you made the healthy choice will win out. Over time you will feel more energetic, think more clearly, and look younger!

Embrace the fact that we are personally responsible for where we are and that we are capable of changing the future. Do not feel self pity, guilt, or regret!! Feel the strength and power in knowing that you can, and will, change for the better!!

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