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Unraveling The Mystery of Losing Unwanted Pounds

Published on July 27, 2017 by

R.T. was struggling with trying to lose about 15 pounds. He was exercising regularly and already had his Testosterone balanced. He was eating healthy and getting adequate sleep but he just could not shed those 15 pounds.

R.T. did the BioEnergy test so that we could better evaluate what was going on. The blood work was not giving us the answers. The BioEnergy test revealed the answers that allowed R.T. to finally shed those 15 pounds.

We found out that his thyroid dose needed to get adjusted, even though the lab results had mistakenly shown that the thyroid was optimal. In addition, the BioEnergy test revealed that R.T. needed to decrease his carbohydrate intake-fine tuning his diet. He thought he was eating perfectly but there were some things he needed to change. We also determined the heart rate range that he specifically needed to exercise at, in order to maximally reduce fat. Each person has a unique heart rate range in which fat is optimally “burned”. This can be accurately determined during the BioEnergy test.

After R.T. made his diet and exercise adjustments, along with having an increased thyroid dose, he felt more energized and vital. With a little time, he was successful at achieving his goal weight. Each person is unique and achieving a healthy weight loss requires a comprehensive evaluation and plan of action.

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Why can’t I lose weight?

Published on January 28, 2017 by

Weight Loss spelled with fruits and veggies

In order to lose weight, your body must be able to utilize its fat stores and turn the fat into energy. All of the cells in your body prefer to burn fat rather than glucose for energy, with the exception of your brain cells who prefer glucose. Fat is more efficiently stored than glucose (a simple carbohydrate).

The food that we eat gets mainly stored as fat for usage at a later time, only a small amount is used immediately for energy. Our bodies are designed for a world where the next meal is in question. This is why our bodies have a system to store dietary calories as fat. This fat can be turned into energy later when an immediate good source is not available.

Of course, we live in a world where food is readily available for most of us. Our bodys still have the system in place to conserve the energy from our dietary intake. In order to lose weight, your body must be able to take the stored fat and convert it to energy.

There are quite a few things that interfere with your body’s ability to do this. The more carbohydrates you eat the less likely your body is to use its fat stores. Our diets today are full of carbohydrates. Another major factor that blocks fat utilization is hormonal deficiencies. In particular, deficiencies of Testosterone, Thyroid, and Growth Hormone will reduce your body’s ability to “burn” it’s fat stores.

Poor fat utilization leads to poor oxygen utilization which leads to decreased energy production. This shows up as increased weight along with decreased energy and wellbeing. Proper nutrition, supplements, exercise, and hormonal balancing all help your body to regain it’s fat utilization capability. Be patient as you repair your body.

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Long Term Weight Loss

Published on January 7, 2016 by

stick figure showing weight loss

January 2016 is here and for many individuals that creates the common resolution to lose weight, get in shape, tone up, or simply be healthy. Many people try to lose weight, but are quickly discouraged in their own strategy to decrease body fat or to keep their weight loss goals in focus. If you want to successfully lose and keep off your unwanted weight, you must take a holistic approach.

There are many aspects to healthy weight loss. The first step involves cleansing and detoxifying your body. This is both a mental and physical process. Logically you probably know what you should do, but don’t do it. This is not because you are lazy, stupid, or don’t want to lose weight. Your mind works based on emotions and beliefs that you may be completely unaware of. These beliefs influence certain patterns and routines and stop you from losing weight. Without the guidance of a caring support team, your conscious, logical brain cannot overcome those deeply imbedded subconscious patterns that keep you in “the fat mode.”

The physical part of detoxification helps your body to heal by eliminating years of toxic build up that you are literally carrying around in your cells. Toxins can come from many places including your personal care and household products as well as from the food you eat. Once you begin to reduce the toxin overload, then the level of inflammation in your body will also be reduced. Toxins are generally stored within our fat or adipose tissue. Decreasing your daily toxin exposure will help you in your weight loss by increasing your metabolism, digestion, and overall energy levels. A detox program including Epsom salt baths, colonics, massage, infrared sauna, etc can help your body eliminate the toxic buildup in your fat cells.

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The Keys To Losing Weight

Published on April 22, 2015 by

Everyone seems to want the miracle for weight loss. Let’s face it–there is no such thing. There are plenty of places out there that make a lot of money selling the concept that there is such a thing but they don’t deliver long term results. However, there are doable things that you can do in order to achieve a healthy weight and stay there.

You must first realize that the goal is to feel great and once you feel great it is up to you to do the healthy things that it takes to reach a healthy weight. A healthy weight is not about the numbers on a scale, it is about having a good body composition with a lot of lean muscle, sturdy bones, and a feeling of strength and vitality. In order to do this your hormones must first be in balance.

Hormones and Weight Loss

I often see men and women who have been told by regular physicians that their hormones are fine. However, I find otherwise after thoroughly going through their symptoms and looking at their labs to see if they are at optimal levels.

Your thyroid must be in an optimal range in order for you to have the energy and metabolism to burn fat. In addition, your Testosterone, Estrogen, and Progesterone must be at optimal levels for you to be able to build muscle and burn fat, as well as have the energy and mental state to eat right and exercise. It is also common to see deficiencies of vitamin b12 and other nutrients that assist your body in having energy and fat burning capabilities. These issues must all be addressed properly by a hormone specialist.

Once these hormonal issues are resolved and your body is functioning more optimally, you will find that it is easier to do the things that are required to have a healthy weight. This is a long term fix that is entirely doable if you invest some time, money, and focus on your health.

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Long Term Weight Loss

Published on July 1, 2013 by

Have you struggled with losing those few extra pounds that you put on?? Or are you struggling to lose more? Do you seem to yo yo up and down with your weight?? You are not alone. Everyone knows what to do to lose weight and yet if it were that simple, no one would have any weight issues. Losing excess weight and keeping it off for the long term involves balancing a complex network of your mind, your diet, your sleep patterns, your hormones, your exercise, and your toxic load.

Weight Loss and Hormones

My suggestion is to start with one piece of the puzzle and get that piece working, and then move onto the next. If you can work on several pieces at once, that is great; however, many people feel overwhelmed and fail if they take on too much at once. Your goal is long term weight loss, with you maintaining a healthy weight: feeling vital and having the energy to do the things that you want to do in life for the long term. With that goal in mind, it makes sense to focus on one piece of the puzzle and then another, and another; doesn’t it?? It is a continual process that gets you to your goal and keeps you there. And, yes, change takes work and change does not always come easily; but it is worth it!!! First decide that you want to achieve a healthy weight, then next decide what you want to focus on first.

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Successful Weight Loss

Published on March 11, 2013 by

Weight loss Workshop

Temecula Weight Loss Workshop

Many people try to lose weight but are simply unable to lose it or to keep off their weight loss. Often, people turn to commercial diet programs since their ads tout ease of use and unbelievable before and after photos. Some even try fad diets. In the meantime, they continue to get fatter.

If you want to lose weight and stay healthy and satisfied in the process, the best way to do this is through a therapeutic lifestyle change program. This approach treats chronic health problems, such as high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and unhealthy body composition. A lot of programs help you to lose weight temporarily but you are not healthy in the process, and your body puts the fat right back on when you are done with the program. With the Optimal You healthy weight loss program, you eat regular food and you get to eat a lot. It is all in eating the right foods and in proper supplementation.

There are three phases to our healthy weight loss program. The first phase involves cleansing and detoxifying your body. This is done under our guidance and with specialized supplements that make the process easy. This phase helps your body to heal and get rid of the inflammation in your body that is making your body hang onto fat. This phase is also focused on getting the water balance in your body corrected. The second phase is the personalized weight loss plan. You do not count calories. We encourage you to eat throughout the days–we educate you on the right types of foods to eat and we supplement with specially formulated medical shakes. You get to feel full and satisfied. We guide you on eating a variety of foods that keep your body healthy and help rid it of unwanted fat. In the third phase, we transition you to maintenance. We will make sure that you have life long success in maintaining your healthy body and weight.

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Weight and Hormones

Published on October 2, 2012 by

Healthy weight and hormones

hormones and weight

Many people struggle with weight and there are a lot of reasons why people keep excess weight on. Of course diet, exercise, and sleep are a critical component of a healthy body and sleep. Proper hormone balance is also critical.

There are many hormones involved in keeping a healthy weight. The most common hormones that are out of balance in your body are thyroid, testosterone. Thyroid is mainly responsible for your metabolic rate i.e. your ability to burn calories and keep your energy up. Cortisol is largely responsible for dealing with stress and inflammation, and storing fat is a part of that function. Insulin is responsible for metabolizing blood sugar, which is critical to your body, and also fat storage. Testosterone is known as the male sex hormone but is present in both men and women. Testosterone has numerous functions, one of them being the ability to build muscle and enhance energy and fat burning.

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