Hormone Pellets, Hormones

Lower Your Stress

Stress is a growing problem in today’s world and it is causing chronic illnesses, along with fatigue, headaches, insomnia, abdominal…

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Hormone Pellets

Testosterone pellets: For Men & Women

We live in an imperfect world that has chemicals in our food, water, personal care products, cleaning products, etc. We…

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Hormone Pellets

What are hormone pellets?

Bio-Identical pellets Bio-Identical are used in both men and women to treat hormone deficiencies and imbalances. Sterile pellets are small,…

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Aging, Bio-Identical Hormones, Estrogen, Hormone Pellets, Hormones, Men, Testosterone

Declining Hormones

Imagine moving around and being able to do the things that you love to do. Perhaps you are already feeling…

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Hormone Pellets, Hormones, Men, Testosterone

Andropause: Male Menopause

Men go through a hormonal change but unfortunately it is largely ignored or treated incorrectly. Men’s Testosterone starts to decline…

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Bio-Identical Hormones, Hormone Pellets, Hormones, Men, Testosterone

Testosterone and Fatigue

“Mark” a 48 year old gentleman came to my office complaining of fatigue, an increase in aches/pains, an increase in…

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Bio-Identical Hormones, Hormone Pellets

How do bio-identical pellets work?

Bio-identical pellets are made of an inert substance that holds it together along with either bio-identical Testosterone or Estradiol. If…

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Hormone Pellets, Testosterone

Bio-identical Pellet therapy

Most people have heard about bio-identical creams for Testosterone and/or Estrogen, but many people do not know about bio-identical pellets….

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Hormone Pellets, Men, Testosterone, Women

Bio-identical Hormone Pellets

When replacing your hormones with bio-identical hormones you have several options: capsules, creams, troches, and pellets. Pellet therapy is not…

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Hormone Pellets, Hormones, Weight

Long Term Weight Loss

Have you struggled with losing those few extra pounds that you put on?? Or are you struggling to lose more?…

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