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Naturally Clear Arteries

Published on May 10, 2017 by

Heart disease is prevalent and a big concern for many people. Lifestyle modifications are important for keeping your arteries clear–not smoking, eating healthy whole foods, regular exercise, and minimizing stress. In addition, there are medical alternatives to traditional medications and surgeries that are felt to be effective for people who have heart disease and for those who wish to prevent heart disease.

Heart Isolated Inside Body

Two of these medical therapies are IV chelation and ozone therapy. They have both been around for quite a while. Chelation involves administering a chelating agent that pulls out heavy metals. It is believed that heavy metal deposition is possibly a part of atherosclerosis (“hardening of the arteries”). By getting a chelating agent IV(intravenous), your body is now able to properly eliminate these unwanted metals from your blood vessels along with removing them from other places in your body. The chelating agent binds to the heavy metals and enables the secretion of the unwanted metals in your urine and stool.

Ozone therapy involves taking about 75 to 150 ml of your blood and then adding ozone to your blood and reinfusing this ozonated blood into your body. Ozone is a highly active gas that has been seen to have numerous beneficial effects on your body. Essentially, the ozonated blood circulates throughout your body and activates your cells to heal.

People who have received this combination of chelation and ozonated blood have been observed to have less cardiac events than those who have not received this type of treatment. In fact, patients who have had a heart attack have been observed to have no further cardiac events when following the properly supervised protocol. (These are not expensive double blinded studies, this is based on years of observing patients by doctors who administer this type of treatment. It is difficult to get funding for the double blinded studies).

Ultimately lifestyle changes are the best defense against heart disease. Exercise regularly, eat a whole food diet, don’t smoke, minimize stress, keep your blood pressure controlled, etc all help you. IV chelation and ozone therapy gives you an additional way to help your arteries and heart.

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Testosterone and Heart Attacks

Published on May 17, 2015 by

Testosterone replacement is safe and helps reduce the risk of heart attacks:

Due to media hype and the misrepresentation of studies done on Testosterone I would like to revisit this topic. Sadly, there are news reports that discourage the use of Testosterone despite overwhelming evidence that properly administered Testosterone actually helps patients with many medical issues, including reducing the risk of heart attacks.

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It is actually low levels of Testosterone and higher levels of Estrogen in men that have been shown to be associated with an increased heart disease risk. The misrepresentation of Testosterone arose from studies that did not look at Estrogen levels. Testosterone replacement without looking at Estrogen levels can cause problems, proper Testosterone replacement while addressing Estrogen elevation is a different story. When Testosterone is optimized while making sure Estrogen stays in an optimal range, the men studied had fewer heart attacks and also felt more vital.

A common cause of disability and death is actually related to low Testosterone. Low levels of Testosterone are associated with diabetes, increased belly fat, insulin resistance, and various arterial changes thst increase the risk of heart attacks. Conversely, when Testosterone is replaced to optimal levels by a specially trained physician there is increased muscle mass, decreased belly fat, improved insulin sensitivity, improved memory, increased energy, better sleep, happier moods, and an improvement in cardiovascular health.

Testosterone is simply not evil. In fact, it is critical for your optimal health and well being. The key is to have it replaced with proper oversight.

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Testosterone and Cardiac Health

Published on March 10, 2015 by

Testosterone has been repeatedly picked on by the FDA. In Europe they have shown it to be safe and not a cause of heart issues. In the USA some poorly designed studies have caused the FDA to panic and unfortunately scare the public. Therefore, you may see reports that Testosterone causes heart disease when in fact the good studies are not showing this correlation. The bottom line is that each adult should make his/her decision about their body and what is needed in order to live their life optimally after having a proper hormone consultation.

Hormones For Men EU Final Position: Little Evidence for Testosterone Harm Miriam E Tucker November 21, 2014

A regulatory body representing European Union member states has confirmed it believes there is little consistent evidence of an increased risk for cardiac problems in men who receive testosterone products to treat hypogonadism (low Testosterone ).

The Coordination Group for Mutual Recognition and Decentralized Procedures – human (CMDh), a body that examines questions related to marketing authorization of medicines in two or more member states, issued its final position on testosterone today.

“Taking all the data into account, the signal for an increased cardiovascular risk associated with the use of testosterone remains weak and inconclusive,” according to an EMA statement.

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The Cholesterol Myth

Published on August 20, 2013 by

Cholesterol is in every cell of your body. Why would the human body be designed with the use of cholesterol in every cell if it were bad for us?? Why would studies show that higher cholesterol i.e. above 250 is associated with a lower overall death rate than those with lower cholesterol i.e. under 200??


Cholesterol is a necessary substance for your body. It is used by the body to build your steroid hormones among other things. These hormones include estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and cortisol. Cholesterol is also needed in order to make Vitamin D. Cholesterol is so important to your body that you only get 1/4 of it through diet and the rest is actually made by your liver!

What the researchers are finding out is that it is not the cholesterol that causes your arteries to clog, rather it is inflammation in your body that changes the cholesterol from good to evil. If you can decrease the inflammation in your body, you decrease your risk of heart disease!! Just lowering your total cholesterol number is not the answer. To lower inflammation requires a customized diet that generally includes low carbohydrates (max 60 g/day), avoiding gluten, etc. (notice that statin drugs are not mentioned as a treatment!)

We know that optimizing your hormone levels helps you to reduce heart disease. When you adjust your lifestyle and balance your hormones with bio-identical hormones you feel and look better plus reduce your risk of heart disease, among other things.

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Published on July 6, 2012 by

Pre-Menopause and Heart Disease

pre-menopause and heart disease

1 in 7 premenopausal women die of heart disease. For postmenopausal women that number rises to 1 in 3. Blood cholesterol can often change for the worse within 6 months of the onset of menopause and the risk of high blood pressure triples with menopause. Hormonal imbalance has also been shown to increase blood sugar.

Would you rather go on a bunch of different medications for blood pressure, cholesterol,etc. or would you rather balance your hormones?

Hormonal balance through bio-identical hormones is more than just fixing your symptoms, it is about overall health. Optimizing estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone in both men and women is critical to feeling great and in preventing disease.

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Arterial Plaque

Published on June 21, 2012 by


california chelation therapy

Eating right, exercise, and getting good sleep are all important things for reducing your risk of a heart attack. Stopping smoking and managing stress are also important to your health. The list goes on……

But what if you do everything right and still get plaque in your arteries, or what if you have done the wrong things in the past and corrected your lifestyle after plaque has developed in your arteries?? What can you do in addition to all of the well advertised lifestyle changes?? EDTA IV chelation is an option. This is a procedure where you get a special IV every two weeks for a certain length of time.

The goal of chelation is to bind with the elements in your blood vessels that you don’t want there, enabling your body to eliminate those bad elements. Thus, helping your body to rid itself of plaque in the arteries. This type of treatment has been around a long time and when done correctly is quite safe. Of course, it does not eliminate the need for a healthy life style.

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