Naturally Clear Arteries

Heart disease is prevalent and a big concern for many people. Lifestyle modifications are important for keeping your arteries clear–not…

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Testosterone and Heart Attacks

Testosterone replacement is safe and helps reduce the risk of heart attacks: Due to media hype and the misrepresentation of…

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Testosterone and Cardiac Health

Testosterone has been repeatedly picked on by the FDA. In Europe they have shown it to be safe and not…

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The Cholesterol Myth

Cholesterol is in every cell of your body. Why would the human body be designed with the use of cholesterol…

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Pre-Menopause and Heart Disease 1 in 7 premenopausal women die of heart disease. For postmenopausal women that number rises to…

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Arterial Plaque

Chelation Eating right, exercise, and getting good sleep are all important things for reducing your risk of a heart attack….

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