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Health Care

Health Care vs Sick Care

Are you frustrated and stressed out by the rising cost of traditional PPO or HMO health insurance?  And then you…

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Plantar Fasciitis
Health Care, Pain


Do you absolutely dread standing on your feet getting out of bed in the morning or after sitting for a…

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Lymphatic Massage
Health Care, Healthy Living

A Relaxing Way to Enhance your Health and Immune System

A Relaxing Way to Enhance your Health and Immune System – Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Feeling sluggish? Tired? Can’t seem to…

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Lessons Learned From COVID-19
Health, Health Care, Health Tips

Lessons learned from COVID-19

As I watch the panic and fear unfold around me I thought it was a good time to write an…

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Corona Virus
Health Care

Corona Virus – What You Need To Know

Corona Virus is all over the news and is concerning a lot of people. Here is what you need to know to keep you and your loved ones informed…

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Health Care, Hormones

What is it worth to feel great?

Getting properly balanced with bio-identical hormones for men and women is done outside of insurance. Balancing your Testosterone, Progesterone, Estrogen,…

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Health Care

Does Your Insurance Cover Hormones?

We receive often receive the question; “Does my insurance cover bio-identical hormone consultations and treatments?” The short answer is no….

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Health Care, Heart, Men, Testosterone

Testosterone and Cardiac Health

Testosterone has been repeatedly picked on by the FDA. In Europe they have shown it to be safe and not…

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Health, Health Care

Fast Past Health

Today’s world is fast paced and paying attention to your health while taking care of life’s other necessary tasks is…

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Cancer, Education, Health Care, Hormones

Inflammation: The root of many diseases

There has been a lot of research done on the role of inflammation and diseases such as Alzheimer’s dementia, cancers,…

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