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Diet And Hormones

What we eat has a direct affect on how we feel. This is because your body assimilates the food that…

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Healthy Foods

This is the 21st century and you now have easier access to information. You may be feeling fine or you…

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The Keys To Losing Weight

Everyone seems to want the miracle for weight loss. Let’s face it–there is no such thing. There are plenty of…

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High C Improves Immune Function

We all know that vitamin C is good good to take when you have a cold, but did you know…

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Creating An Optimal You

Did you know you can balance your hormones naturally? Drinking lots of water is key – along with minimizing alcohol…

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Bio-Identical Hormones, Food, Organic

Gluten and Hormones

Gluten is found in wheat, rye, and barley. Gluten has been increasingly more prevalent in the American diet over the…

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Food Allergies and Health care

According to research, around 50% of the ailments seen in a doctor’s office can be attributed to food sensitivities!! Reactions…

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Cancer Talk

Cancer and Hormones Every year cancer takes the lives of hundreds of thousands of men and women in America. Of…

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Hormones – Exercise – Health

Exercise and Health Everyone knows that what we eat and how much we exercise greatly influences the way that we…

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We are what we eat!

Food and your body What you eat, what you expose your body to (stress, chemicals,etc), how much you sleep and…

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