Am I Estrogen Deficient?

Estrogen often gets a bad name in the press but the proper estrogen level is important for your overall health….

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Estrogen For Men And Women

Estrogen is often looked at as the enemy–causing weight gain, breast tenderness, bleeding issues, and even certain cancers. It is…

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Declining Hormones

Imagine moving around and being able to do the things that you love to do. Perhaps you are already feeling…

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Estrogen, Hormones, Men, Testosterone

Low Sex Drive

A low sex drive is a common complaint. This is heard from both women and men, but men are more…

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Bio-Identical Hormones, Estrogen, Hormones, Women

Bio-Identical Hormones For Women

What to expect after a bio-identical hormone pellet insertion for women – You will have had a local anesthetic before…

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Bio-Identical Hormones, Estrogen, Hormones, Testosterone, Women

Menopause Or Wacky?

Sylvia (name has been changed for privacy) sat down in front of me and said “I am whacked”. “I feel…

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Estrogen and Cancer

Your body–whether male or female–makes estrogen (of course women make a lot more of it than men!) There are three…

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Hormones – What you need to know!

Do you remember getting on a merry go round as a young child and getting off feeling out of balance?…

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I3C-Indole 3 Carbinol

When I treat patients with bio-identical hormones I like to share with them natural ways to ensure that their body…

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Sources of Estrogen

Did you know that you get exposed to hormones on a regular basis? This contributes to hormonal imbalances. You can…

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