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Depression and Hormones

Published on February 7, 2017 by

Depression Word Cloud

Depression affects 121 million people worldwide. Depression is now about 15 times more common today than it was just 50 years ago and it is affecting younger people than in the past. The average age for the diagnosis of depression has decreased from 29.5 to 14.5 years old.

This change is due to many modern causes as our mood is influenced by several factors. In order to feel happy and vital, we need healthy exposure to sun and adequate rest. In modern times, we stay inside and don’t get enough sleep. We need to eat healthy, nourishing foods and not have the typical diet full of processed nutrient poor foods. It is important to drink water, not caffeine or other types of man made drinks that are common today.

Our brains and bodies were not designed to be busy all the time. The electronic age has brought us information at our fingertips, but if we don’t unplug from it regularly it can negatively affect our mood. There are also a multitude of toxins that can adversely affect our mood and bodies. Chemicals are everywhere these days if you don’t pay attention. As a result of the toxins in our environment, poor diet, and increased stress, Hormone imbalances are rampant. Hormone imbalances such as excessive Cortisol or deficient Melatonin, Progesterone, Estrogen, Growth Hormone, and Testosterone can all contribute to a depressed mood.

The reasons for the increased rate of depression goes on. The great news is that you can combat this. Take time out each day to get some sun exposure, take deep cleansing breaths regularly, and becsure that you get restful sleep. Focus on eating whole foods and supplement with vitamins as needed to ensure optimal nutrition. Unplug from electronics regularly and avoid being exposed to negative things whenever possible. Minimize your toxin exposures by cleaning up the products you use and the food you eat. You should be properly evaluated and treated with bio-identical hormones as needed. Without optimal hormone levels, it is difficult to feel your mental and physical best.

Feeling happy and vital takes some time and effort but it is well worth it. By addressing all of these things, you will find your energy and mood increasing and be able to reclaim your life.

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Treating Depression Naturally

Published on July 22, 2013 by

Anti depressants are being prescribed at alarming rates. It us fine for severe depression but over kill for most patients. Often regular exercise, a well balanced diet, and stress management are all that is needed.

Women Beating Depression

When that is not enough then there are natural supplements that can help. Fish oil at three grams of DHA/EPA per day has been shown to help. Be sure that you get purified mercury free fish oil. St. John’s wort is an herb that is a gentler version of prescription anti-depressants. Use 300 mg up to 1800 mg per day. SAM-e is another natural way to improve depression by gently increasing your neurotransmitters. Use 200 mg up to 400 mg twice a day. 5-HTP is a natural precursor to your neurotransmitter Serotonin. Serotonin is one of the neurotransmitters that is increased when using most anti-depressants. Take 150 to 300 mg per day of 5-HTP. Do not take St. John’s wort, SAM-e, 5-HTP with prescription anti-depressants or with each other. Combining agents can end up in serious side effects. Try one and if it does not work after getting to the max dose then discontinue that supplement and try a different one.

If your depression still is not controlled I advise that you get your hormones evaluated. Testosterone in particular is a great antidepressant for both men and women. Utilizing bio-identical hormones (Progesterone. Estrogen, and Testosterone in particular) can be a great help in optimizing your mood. If you are feeling depressed you do not have to be stuck on anti-depressants. There are many natural treatments that can help you. Seek the help of a physician trained in Regenerative medicine (also known as anti-aging medicine to some people). Optimal health and well being can be achieved if you are willing to invest a little time and money into it.

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Feeling Blue

Published on March 7, 2012 by


Hormonal Imbalance and Depression

Depression is a pretty common thing these days. It manifests as fatigue, an overall lack of energy, a decreased desire to do things that you usually enjoy, sleep disturbance, appetite increase or decrease, a general feeling of imbalance and just not feeling yourself.

There are medications out there to treat depression if your symptoms are moderate to severe. However, whether or not you need medication there are several other things that you can do to improve your mood. Nutrition is a key component to affecting how you feel. Doesn’t it make sense that the fuel that you give your body can affect your neurotransmitters and ultimately how you feel?? After all, what you eat really does end up being what you are made of.

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