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Relax That Kid

Published on March 3, 2018 by

ADHD child therapy

All kids are amazing. However, some kids deal with more hurdles than others. A lot of kids these days are suffering from hyperactivity, restlessness, frustration or anger issues and parents are caught in the middle of this storm, looking for ways of helping to relieve symptoms that can be mistaken as ADHD (attention hyperactivity deficit disorder) in their children. We see these kids on a regular basis at An Optimal Brain, a wellness partner of An Optimal You. Parents seek us out because Brainwave Optimization (BWO) helps to relax the child. After a series of BWO sessions they typically experience calmness, peace of mind, and clarity and therefore are now in a better place to deal with their life challenges. Like all aspects of health and well-being, there are also other things to address in order to achieve balance. Before we begin BWO, we investigate the lifestyle of the child.

We start with diet. Each cell in our body, including our brain cells, require the right fuel in order to function properly. The big three food products that adversely affect our children’s activity levels are Sugar, Caffeine and Processed Foods. These big three either are a stimulant or can contain additives that are toxic. Avoiding these foods are important for all children, but if a child is already hyperactive or experiencing other types of emotional outbursts, it is imperative that parents take the time to review the child’s diet and reduce as many of the big threes as possible. Adjusting the diet ensures optimal benefit from the Brainwave Optimization. Balancing your child’s brain takes a multifactorial approach.

The next area to address is visual stimulation. The excessive exposure to electronic screens is adversely affecting the brains of our children. Douglas Gentile, an associate professor of psychology at Iowa State; and Edward Swing says U.S. children currently average more than six hours of screen time per day[1]. This is causing an excessive amount of visual stimulation and the developing brain of a child simply can not handle it. We are seeing the effects of this in negative behavior patterns seen in children all over the world.

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