Bio-Identical Hormones For Women

What to expect after a bio-identical hormone pellet insertion for women –

You will have had a local anesthetic before the bio-identical pellets are inserted. You will receive one to two bio-identical Testosterone pellets and possibly one bio-identical Estrogen pellet depending on your specific needs. The majority of women find that the actual pellet insertion is quite painless. You may feel a slight pressure at times but no sharp pain. The only possible discomfort during the procedure is when the local anesthetic is placed (it can sting a little).

It is important to ice the area where the pellet was inserted over the following 4 hours. It is best to place an ice pack on the area for about 10-15 minutes and then have a period of 20-30 minutes with no ice, then repeat. This will minimize any swelling and discomfort that you may have.

You must avoid immersing the area in water for 4 days. Showering is fine. No baths, pool, or hot tub use. You must also avoid heavy exercise for the next 4 days. Walking is fine. Any action that causes your buttocks muscles to contract strongly has the potential for pushing the pellets out. This is only a precaution for the first four days. After that time period you are free to do whatever you wish in regards to activity and water exposure.

You may have some tenderness in the area (buttocks area, above where pants pockets are) for a few days. Rarely some women feel a slight discomfort for up to two weeks. If you follow the instructions listed above this will decrease any discomfort. If you do experience tenderness it should not interfere with your daily activities.

The majority of women barely notice any discomfort after the procedure. You are able to go back to work after the procedure as long as you can follow the precautions given.

Testosterone and Estrogen perform many functions in the human body–they are not just there to help us feel better. It can take up to 3-4 weeks to feel the benefits of the pellets. If you feel no different by four weeks after the pellet insertion, it is important to get your hormone levels done so that we can assess your needs. Sometimes you need a booster bio-identical pellet insertion after your first insertion because your hormone stores were so low.

Each woman uses up their bio-identical pellets at a different rate. You will typically need a re-pellet at 3-5 months from the time of insertion. Get your re-pellet done at the first signs of your symptoms slightly recurring.

Communicate with the hormone specialist who inserted your pellets if you are unsure of what to do or if you have any questions. It is important for us to know how you are doing so that we may help you.

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