Bio-identical hormones–are they for me?

When you have a hormonal imbalance it is due to your symphony of hormones being “off tune”. One or more hormones are either deficient or in greater amounts than your body requires. Your hormones are simply chemical messengers that relay information from one part of your body to another–telling the target cells what to do. This system is precise–like a lock and key system.

When it is discovered by a hormone specialist that you are deficient in a certain hormone we work on trying to balance it naturally through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Often, a prescription is required in order to achieve proper balance due to the damage already being done to your body’s hormone system. Bio-identical hormone replacement involves giving you a hormone that is biologically the same as what your body would naturally produce. Your body sees it as its own. It fits perfectly in the lock and key system that your body functions optimally on. Doesn’t it make sense to replace what you are missing with exactly the same chemical structure of the hormone that you need? This is what bio-identical hormone replacement does.

The goal of bio-identical hormone replacement is to optimize your Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, Thyroid, and Cortisol. These are the key hormones that we need to replace and balance. There are other hormones that we deal with, but these hormones are the primary ones that are replaced with prescription bio-identical hormones. We combine this customized treatment (personalized to your needs) with proper supplementation, nutrition, and some lifestyle changes. The end result is that you feel better, think better, and move better. It is all about living optimally with minimal risks.

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