Bio-identical Hormone Pellets

When replacing your hormones with bio-identical hormones you have several options: capsules, creams, troches, and pellets. Pellet therapy is not well known but has been around for decades. It is a safe and effective way to get Testosterone (men and women) and Estrogen (women). The dosage that you receive is customized based on your age, sex, weight, activity level, symptoms, and lab work.

Bio-identical pellets are about the size of a tic-tac (but thinner)and are placed in the fat in the upper outer quadrant of your buttocks. This is done in an office setting after local anesthesia is applied. The procedure takes mere minutes and is very well tolerated. The area is slightly sore for a few days for women and about a week for men. It is easily tolerated and the incision site is so small no sutures (stitches) are needed.

For women it is advised that for four days they avoid exercise that works the buttocks muscles and avoid baths and jacuzzi tubs. Basically you are not to immerse your incision site in water or heavily work your buttocks for four days after the procedure. Walking and showering is fine. For men we advise the same restrictions but for seven days. (Men get more Testosterone pellets than women do.)

The hormones in the pellets are released over time and most closely resemble the body’s natural hormone production. With initial pellet therapy it may take one to three weeks to feel the effect of the hormones and then the results are maintained over a period of three to six months. If there is no effect four weeks after the initial pellet insertion then consult with your physician. Lab work and a possible booster may be in order.

Once your hormones balance your physician will work with you to come up with an optimal time for you to re-pellet–this is dependent on your body’s needs and usage of Testosterone and/or Estrogen. Bio-identical hormone replacement is a customized therapy that is individualized to you.

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