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Concierge Medicine – Personalized Care

Has this ever happened to you: You call for a doctor’s appointment and you have to wait a few weeks or even a month or two to get in. Then when you are finally seen, the appointment is only a 5-15 (if you are lucky) minutes long. When you call to ask a question that you forgot to ask, you are told that you need another appointment. On top of that, your appointments are focused on how to give you medication or how to handle your medication. It is rare for your doctor to help you get off medication, or better yet work with you to prevent needing medication in the future.

With the upcoming health care changes this scenario is going to become more common. A large number of patients are going to be able to access health care with no regard to pre-existing conditions. This is going to overload the system that already has a shortage of primary care physicians. The wait to get into a physician will be longer and the visits will become shorter. You are also more likely to be pawned off to a mid-level provider and not a physician.
The alternative to being just a number in a medical practice of thousands of patients is to join a concierge medicine practice.

In a concierge practice the physician limits his/her patients to several hundred patients, not several thousand. This allows the physician to personally know and work with each of the patients. There is time for true preventive care that actually results in you being on less medicine (if any) and on feeling your best. Just think how wonderful it will feel to be able to talk with your doctor, and see your doctor if needed, when you need to! This is the type of medicine that everyone needs–this is not just for the person who is on a lot of medicine. It is for the person who wishes to become healthier or wants to work on staying healthy for the long run.

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