Arterial Plaque


Eating right, exercise, and getting good sleep are all important things for reducing your risk of a heart attack. Stopping smoking and managing stress are also important to your health. The list goes on……

But what if you do everything right and still get plaque in your arteries, or what if you have done the wrong things in the past and corrected your lifestyle after plaque has developed in your arteries?? What can you do in addition to all of the well advertised lifestyle changes??
EDTA IV chelation is an option. This is a procedure where you get a special IV every two weeks for a certain length of time.

The goal of chelation is to bind with the elements in your blood vessels that you don’t want there, enabling your body to eliminate those bad elements. Thus, helping your body to rid itself of plaque in the arteries. This type of treatment has been around a long time and when done correctly is quite safe. Of course, it does not eliminate the need for a healthy life style.

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