Are Hormones Addicting?

Are hormones addicting?

Some people ask if getting on bio-identical hormones is addicting–can they stop them at some point? Since balancing your hormones helps you feel better, think more clearly, and overall regain your vitality; you might feel like it is a false sense of well being. This is simply not true. It is a natural way to feel great.

Your hormones get out of balance due to many factors: stress, diet, chemicals, etc. Your hormones decline slowly over many years. Some people feel a dramatic decline at one point when the levels hit a tipping point while others do not feel a dramatic difference as the hormones decline. Part of rebalancing your hormones will be taking bio-identical Testosterone, Estrogen, and/or Progesterone (along with other natural hormones if needed) coupled with lifestyle changes to minimize the disruption of your hormones.

Replacing your deficient hormones can bring you back to optimal levels fairly quickly–a mere month up to a few months. We are simply replacing what your body needs, this is not an artificial high that illegal drugs give people. This is returning your hormone levels to optimal so you can feel great naturally. If you choose to discontinue bio-identical hormone therapy your levels simply revert back to their original low levels.

The difference is that you will more likely notice this decline as it will happen over a few months and not years. It is not addictive to be on hormones–it is simply smart to keep your hormones optimized so that you can increase your healthy years of life. Taking bio-identical hormones enables you to live optimally in our crazy modern world.

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