Anxiety And Hormones

Anxiety is a pretty common complaint and potentially addictive medications are being widely prescribed. If you tend to be anxious yoga, bio-feedback, meditation, and breathing exercises help tremendously. A good therapist can also help you to reduce your anxiety. Regular exercise can also be a great help.

Passionflower and valerian herbs have been used for many years and are natural ways to reduce anxiety. These are best taken in a tea form. L-Theanine is an amino acid that is inexpensive and helps to stop mind chatter throughout the day and at night. If anxiety still keeps you awake melatonin can be a great help. Do not use it every night or your own production of melatonin may suffer.

0.5 to 2 mg taken sublingually (dissolves under the tongue) is the best dosage for melatonin. You can enhance your body’s natural production of melatonin by keeping your bedroom dark and minimize home lighting after dark. Avoid computer or phone screens near bedtime.
Another cause of anxiety can be a hormonal imbalance. I have especially found Progesterone replacement to be particularly calming. With anxiety you should get a full lab panel including hormones in order to be sure that medical issues issues are properly addressed.

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