Anti Aging

When we talk about anti-aging medicine some people think that we are trying to live forever. That is not what anti-aging is about. Anti-aging medicine is focused on aging gracefully–aging in years while still feeling great mentally and physically. We want you to live as optimally as possible for as long as you can.

It is commonplace these days for people to slowly deteriorate in their health for many years until the end of their life. That is no way to live. There is no reason for people to suffer needlessly and have their health dwindle slowly. Anti aging medicine is focused on preventing this from happening. Wouldn’t you rather live without pain and have the energy to do the things that you enjoy doing?
An anti-aging physician is sometimes referred to as an integrative physician or regenerative medicine physician. The title does not matter, what matters is the focus of the practice. In order to assist you in living your life optimally, an anti-aging physician focuses on getting your hormones balanced along with assisting you with your nutrition, correct supplementation, exercise program, and helps you detoxify your body and mind.

Womans with half of face looking younger and half looking older

You can live a life full of energy and vitality. You do not need to suffer from pain, depression, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, decreasing vitality, poor muscle tone, chronic disease, etc. Feeling and looking optimally is achievable if you are willing to be open minded and work outside of insurance.

Insurance is great if you break a bone or need surgery. But if your goal is to feel and look optimally, and prevent diseases, it requires customized care that health insurance can simply not provide. Anti-aging medicine is customized care and it simply can not be done properly under the regulations and guidelines that are imposed by insurance companies.

It takes a mental shift to realize that health insurance is there for the calamities that happen. It is good to have that insurance but it is not there to truly be healthy. To feel and look your best involves taking control of your own care and going outside “mainstream medicine”. It takes a holistic approach that evaluates your hormones, sleep, mind, exercise program, nutrition, supplementation, and toxic load. It takes a willingness to be patient and make the small changes each day that lead to great rewards in your health.

Anti-aging medicine is about looking at you–your unique needs and circumstances. It is about tailoring a wellness program that works for you, at the pace that you need. The focus is on living well in the capacity that you desire and then dying gracefully and quickly (without suffering) when it is time.

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