2017 and New Years Balls

An Optimal You – 2017

Feeling optimal involves hormone balancing, restful sleep, adequate exercise, proper nutrition, detoxification, a healthy mindset, and the right supplements. Let’s talk about exercise since it is the beginning of the new year.

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get a parking space at the gym in January? The place is crowded with people coming and going all day long, every day. People are motivated and they go to the gym.

What does the parking lot look like in March? July? December? It has more open spaces and it is easy to park. We have all seen this trend. Typically in January people are motivated and energized to make a change and then this tapers off in February and as the year progresses.

Goals written on a napkin

The reason we see this trend is that people are trying to make a change by taking quick action and not by changing their mind set. They consciously want to make changes but forget that it takes more than that to create lasting change.

In order to create lasting changes it is important to first determine why you want to make the changes. There needs to be a motivating force to get you through the tough times. Take some time and write this down (pen and paper works best for your brain). Write down how it will feel when you have made the changes. Be specific on why you desire the changes and how it will make your life better. This applies to any change, not just exercise.

You would not get in your car in a new place and drive without looking at a map, would you? Create your map for the outcome that you desire. Be sure to write down why you want to make the changes you desire and look at it each day. This is your map that will guide you each day.

After determining what you want and why you want it, it is now important to think of the obstacles that you may face and come up with ways to overcome them. There will always be something that can foil your plans and that’s ok. If you plan for them, they won’t interfere with you.

Be honest with yourself when setting up your plans for change. If your goal is to exercise more and you know you end work at unpredictable times, it is best to plan exercise before work. If you know that you hate machines for exercise, find an activity you will enjoy. If you know you are not up for 1 hour 5 days per week, start with much less. Make realistic plans that will work for you and that you will stick with. You can add to what you are doing over time. The most important thing is to start with something that you can keep doing long term.

Being an Optimal You for 2017 is doable! It starts with having the desire to make the changes you need and then writing down your “map” (why you desire the changes and how you can overcome challenges). If you need additional help we are here to help guide you. You can achieve whatever you truly desire!!

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