Age Gracefully

Aging gracefully?

Aging and Hormones

As we age the common belief is that it is normal to slowly waste away. It is not the truth! You should not fall apart slowly, you should be able to live a vital life well into your 80’s.

So why do so many people deteriorate with age?? Obviously, a poor diet, smoking, excess alcohol, excess stress, poor sleep, etc will affect your aging process. A lot of people do not realize that a decrease in testosterone can also contribute to a loss of: muscle mass, brain function, bone mass, and overall vitality in both men and women.

Testosterone has a lot of different functions in your body, it is not just for libido. An optimal level of testosterone is vital for you to be able to live an optimal life. It is important that you get your levels checked and evaluated by a physician who is trained to interpret labs properly, i.e. knows the optimal levels and not just the common normal ranges. Many deficiencies in hormones are missed daily by physicians who simply go by the normal values printed on the lab slips.

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