Advantages of Bio-identical Pellets

Bio-Identical pellets are either Testosterone or Estradiol compressed into a small pellet form. The pellet is easily placed under your skin in the upper outer area of your buttocks (in a fat depot). It is a very simple outpatient procedure that takes minutes. If you are a male you get Testosterone alone and if you are a female then you receive Testosterone and possibly Estradiol if you need it.

The pellets offer a great advantage over creams, injections, or pills because they work more like your body’s organs (ovaries or testicles). Hormones received by pellets are the most similar to what your body would naturally do. You get a regular stream of low dose hormones and then hormone spikes when needed. This is exactly what your body should do, but is not which is why your body needs the pellets.

With pellet therapy you only need to go in for replacement pellets every 3 to 6 months, depending on your body’s consumption. No worrying about forgetting to pack your creams, injectable, or pills when you travel; or remembering to take them when at home. The long term safety and benefits have been proven. The up front cost is more than with other methods, but the long term cost ends up being very similar to the other methods, but with superior convenience and efficacy.

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