Adjusting Thyroid Medication

Your thyroid is important to your body in many ways. With an optimal thyroid level your mood is more balanced, you are able to lose weight when doing the right things, your skin and hair are not dry, your bowel movements are normalized, you have good energy, etc.

Thyroid Control

If you require thyroid medication it is important to replace both T3, the active thyroid hormone, as well as T4, the storage thyroid hormone. You need both types of thyroid hormone for optimal functioning. The easiest way to do this is to take a thyroid medication that has both of these in them, such as armour thyroid or nature thyroid. These are considered the most natural thyroid replacements available.

When you start taking a thyroid replacement it is important to go slow and follow your symptoms. The key is to increase the dose in small increments as needed every 3 to 4 weeks and assess your symptoms. The labwork does not always show an accurate picture. I have seen plenty of people who had symptoms of low thyroid but were on suboptimal levels of replacement because their doctors would not look at the person and relied on lab values with arbitrary “normal” values.

Under the care of a properly trained physician who understands bio-identical hormones you can achieve an optimal thyroid level. The goal is for you to feel your best and minimize any adverse effects. This can be achieved with patience and communication, a process that is available when you do not rely on insurance based office visits.

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