Hormones, Women, and Testosterone

Hormones: Testosterone and women

You may think only men have testosterone, that is simply not true. Of course men have a higher amount of testosterone, but testosterone is also a critical hormone for women.

Testosterone is important for keeping your mood stable, feeling vital and maintaining muscle tone. To age gracefully you need to maintain your muscle mass. Many things that we attribute to normal aging, is in fact not normal. We should be able to feel vital and be active into our late 70’s/80’s. To do that, you need to address many things, including your hormone balance. Testosterone is not just about libido (sex drive).

Getting good sleep, eating a healthy diet, minimizing toxins, and decreasing stress are all important for your hormone balance. If your testosterone is still depleted (common in today’s world) then you can replace your testosterone. I prefer bioidentical testosterone cream for men and bioidentical testosterone pellets for women. I see the best success with that approach. Of course, as with any hormone replacement, testosterone replacement must be customized for each person.

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