Memory and Hormones

Losing your memory in your forties and fifties……

Do you ever feel forgetful?? Do you seem to have a brain fog? Are you feeling like you may be getting Alzheimer’s disease but you are under sixty years old??

Do not stress!! Memory issues are not necessarily the sign of dementia. Of course you want to have your doctor do a mini mental status exam on you which takes about 5 minutes in the office. If your doctor tells you everything is fine but you know that it is not, then it is time to look at hormones as the cause.

A hormonal imbalance of Estrogen, Testosterone, and Progesterone can affect many things including your memory. These hormones affect both men and women. It is amazing how much these hormones can affect your day to day functioning, including memory and overall brain function. If you are over the age of 35 and feel that your brain function is not as good as it should be, then you must seek the advice of a medical provider specially trained in bio-identical hormones if you want the right treatment.

Optimizing your hormones is not something that traditional doctors are trained to do. Proper hormone optimization takes time and special training. The good news is that when you get to the correct bio-identical hormone specialist, you will be able to regain your brain function and feel better in a lot of different ways.

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